Cutts Studio is a creative laser cut and engraving studio based out of Toronto, ON. We are passionate about design, and creativity makes us happy. Cutts Studio started as a hobby back in 2010 in sunny Mexico (Yes… like 38° C kind of hot). After making a few friends happy with innovative gifts, we expanded into a wider variety of products and services, including personalized gifts, custom crafts for life celebrations and social events, laser engraving services and much more.

After 6 years, one good day, we decided to expand our horizons to the land of prosperity, opportunity and colder weather. And here we are! Bringing you the best of our creativity and innovation at a fair price.

 We love to design, collaborate and create.

 Our goal is to serve our customers by understanding their laser cut requirements and making personalized gift buying creative and easy.

 Why give personalized gifts?

At Cutts Studio, our gifts are as unique as the person receiving it! The majority of the designs we offer were created by our talented artist, and available only on our website.

It shows you went out of your way to find a unique gift and to personalize it to make it theirs alone! The personalized gift is the one that gets passed around at the party, for everyone to see! It makes you feel good to give, and it’s even more special to receive!

 Make your gift unforgettable… make it from Cutts Studio!